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About Us

ABOUT HRS4Pets -  we are a family owned company located in the USA who have a passion for dogs  and want to help other dog owners find the best products and accessories for their pets. HRS4Pets offers products that are designed to keep your dog warm or cool and safe and happy.  HRS4Pets is a company dedicated to finding and writing about the best information and money saving ideas for your pet's needs as well as your dog's health. Having been a dog owner for more years that we can remember, it has become goal to help others who love and enjoy their wonderful pets as we do. and also stay within a budget.



More About HRS4Pets

  • We started our HRS4Pets business in 2012
  • Our parent company is HomeRunners, LLC which we started in 2006
  • Loving our pets since.....can't think back that far...
  • We have been selling our pet accessories on-line for a few years.
  • Perhaps we could be called a "mom and pop" business.
  • Our email address is easy and we could be reached at:

    We will strive to give our customers and friends:

    • 100% product satisfaction.
    • Offer the best quality and prices for all our products.
    • We will consistently monitor market trends and bring them to our customers.
    • Communicate with our customers whenever needed

    Come visit us at:
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