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Who Rescued Who Car Window Decal

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The title says it all!  Great car window decal. 

Product Information:

Size: 5 x 5" (approximately)

Color: White or Black

Eco-Friendly Vinyl Stickers

Package Includes:
1 Car Sticker
1 Transfer Film
1 Instructions

How To Use:

Step1:Clean the surface of car.
Step2:Remove the transparent film from  transfer paper.
Step3:Apply The Transparent Transfer film to the Sticker.
Step4:Scratch the surface of the sticker with a card.
Step5:Tear the bottom paper of stickers.
Step6:Paste in suitable location and scratch the surface of the pattern. 
Step7:Tear the transfer film and done.

Quick Questions:

Q: Where can I use my stickers?
A: Vinyl stickers can be applied to all flat surfaces such as flat walls, mirrors, smooth tiles, laptops, cars, glass, windows, fridges, etc.

Q: Can the stickers be re-positioned?
A: No, Stickers are single use only.

Q: Can the stickers be removed?
A: Yes, the stickers can be easily removed by peeling them away slowly. If applied to a vehicle you may have to apply heat to assist (hair dryer).

Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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