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Hands Free Dog Leash

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HRS4Pets, Hands Free Dog Leash

     The hands free dog leash by HRS4PETS also serves as a great training tool. The leash combined with voice commands can easily train your dog to have manners when coming upon other dogs and humans simply with a gentle pull of the leash. Being able to talk on a cell phone, take pictures or simply converse with friends is a great benefit. The hand free leash by HRS4PETS also allows for a hand held leash for additional dog training and closer control especially when hiking.

  • Best priced gift for dog owners of 30 to 100 pound pets
  • Superior quality leash for any type of dog activity
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 36 inch bungee which extends leash to over 6 feet to allow for greater activity freedom
  • Waist metal D-ring ring to prevent leash tangles and allow for greater movement
  • Waist belt adjusts from 30 to 45 inches
  • Strong durable nylon material for handling even the strongest 100 pound dogs
  • Easy detachable waist belt for the safety of you and your pet
  • Metal alloy connectors for leash durability
  • Hand free or use handle for closer pet control
  • Completely hands free while walking/running to allow for cell phone use or just water consumption


Room to Run

The bungee leash by HRS4Pets extends over 60 inches allowing for the user to run or walk comfortably.

You’re In Control

Sudden stops no problem, rough hiking trails no problem, dual handles will give you complete freedom to regulate the bungee leash.

Quality Leash

100% nylon leash is water resistant and durable enough to handle 30-100 pound dogs.

Dual Purpose Bungee

The bungee is situated between the two handles of the leash for your convenience. One being used as a "hands free" leash and the other being a "hand held" leash.

Freedom To Roam

The bungee leash absorbs the shock of sudden stops and pulls. This feature gives your dog a feeling of complete freedom to roam.

Quick Release Waist Belt Buckle

The leash belt buckle releases quickly and easily. Zink alloy leash connector also adds security and dependability.

Product Details and Measurement

Highest quality nylon material which is durable and water resistant.
36 inch bungee along with the rest of the leash extends to over 60 inches
Waist belt extends from 30 to 45 inches

Your  will enjoy your pet when walking in your neighborhood with the hands free bungee leash which allows for multi-tasking on any activity.

100% Customer Satisfaction!

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